Reflecting on 2017 | Goals for 2018


It’s the first day of a new year, so what better time to reflect on my goals from last year, and make some new ones for the year ahead? I believe I was fairly successful at achieving most of my goals I set for 2017, so let’s go ahead and run through them, before setting the bar even higher for 2018.

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Best of 2017

We’re days away from the close of 2017 and beginning of a New Year, so what better time  to round up my year-round favourites in beauty, style, entertainment, and lifestyle! For me, I genuinely found 2017 a good year, with achievements and changes aplenty, and having met many of my goals I set for the year – which I’ll talk more about in an upcoming post! But for now, let’s dive in and reflect on all the products, styles, and shows I’ve found to be my 2017 favourites!

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A Merry Little Christmas Playlist

I haven’t done a whole lot of Christmas-specific posts this year, mostly due to the fact that  I’m currently undertaking a full-time subject load over the summer which means Christmas has been very much at the back of my mind, but one Christmassy post I couldn’t not share with you was my current Christmas playlist! While I haven’t been feeling very festive with study keeping me busy, one way I have been able to bring myself a little bit of Christmas cheer is through music, and with so many great Christmas releases on Spotify this year, I’m so keen to show you what I’ve been loving!

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Festive Baking | Raspberry Blondies

In the spirit of the festive season, a dear friend and I decided to have a bit of a bake-up, which included trying out a bunch of recipes we found across the internet. We needed recipes that were going to be both gluten and dairy free given our combined intolerances, and managed to stumble across the Instagram page of Gina Burgess, who creates recipes that are both gluten free and vegan! Her creations looked absolutely delicious, so we decided we just had to have a crack at her V + GF Raspberry Blondies! Here’s how it turned out, what I’d do differently next time, and of course, a taste test!

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The Perfect Party Dress

Good news, gals! After much searching, trawling, debating, and fiddling, I think I’ve finally found this festive season’s perfect party dress. Scoff if you will, tell me it’s not possible, but I think I’ve found the dress to cover off all your events this party season. Christmas party? Done. NYE? Done. Date night? Done. Christmas day? Done. Friend’s housewarming? Also done. The best part? The price! But let’s get into more of that below – introducing your new favourite party dress!

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November Favourites

Love it or hate it, the most festive month of the year has officially commenced, which means it’s time for my November Favourites! A lot has been happening this month for me, and as the first favourites post since my declaration of Redefining Beauty, and starting to take my blog and Instagram in a slightly different direction, you can bet I have a few things to talk about! From beauty to fashion to lifestyle and entertainment, I have heaps of new favourites to talk about from the month that (barely) was November!

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How to Shop the Sales

Maybe you’re gearing up for Cyber Monday, or maybe you’ve just come out the other side of Black Friday and are seriously questioning your shopping choices when it comes to sale time. With Boxing Day and New Year’s sales just around the corner to break the bank once more before your 2018 resolution to save more money kicks in, I thought now would be a great time to hate about shopping the sales without going absolutely ham. Or should I say turkey?

Now before you thank me for the truths I’m about to spit, you should know I’m writing this post today for equally selfish reasons. As I sat at my computer yesterday morning, trawling Kylie Cosmetics and hoping for something to jump out at me in her 40% off lip products sale, I realised that there was actually nothing I genuinely wanted and that I was shopping purely for the sake of sales. Now there’s got to be someone else out there who experienced the same thing this weekend, so let’s consider this a safe place for sale shoppers anonymous, and jump into my strategies for shopping the sales this silly season!

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Fitness Phobic to Gym Junkie in 4 Months

Today I thought I’d do something a little different and discuss my fitness journey over the past year, but specifically, over the last four to five months. My relationship with exercise has always been complicated, but I’ve managed to reach a point in my health and fitness journey where I’m feeling strong, stable, and committed. This is definitely not a get fit or lose weight fast story – rather how I’ve come to prioritise and enjoy my workouts and keeping fit! I can safely say I’ve turned from fitness phobic to gym junkie in a matter of months, so I’ll be discussing and how and why of it all! I hope you enjoy this post and be sure to give it a ‘like’ and leave me a comment if you’ve experienced (or are hoping to experience) anything like this!

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Redefining Beauty

I’ve reached a point in my life and with my blog and social channels that I feel it’s necessary to write this post. My relationship with beauty and makeup isn’t what it was when I launched my blog, and I feel it’s only fair both to myself and to readers and followers who have been loyal to me, to very clearly redefine what beauty means to me, and the direction of my blog and socials going forward. Don’t worry, this isn’t a heavy, serious post – merely an exploration of how my life, priorities, interests, and direction has developed! So please, read on, and leave me your thoughts in the comments – I’d love to hear what you think or if you’ve been through a similar experience!

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October Favourites

We’re getting to the scary end of the year, and that’s got nothing to do with Halloween – the Christmas decorations have started going up and supermarkets are already stocking fruit cakes and puddings wrapped in festive branding. The silly season has set in, which means it’s time to reflect on my favourite month of the year, October! Every month has its ups and downs, but I can say with certainty that October has been the best month of the year so far for me. From study break to birthdays and resurrecting my uni-destroyed social life, this month has been full of favourites, so let’s jump into unpacking them!

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